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about us

Prophetic Glory Ministries was birthed by Pastor Gloria Muniz in 1997. She began her “pulpit” ministry after graduating from Agape Faith Bible Training Center in Birch Run, Michigan. Prophetic Glory Ministries is located in San Jacinto, CA. Our ministry emphasizes heavily on teaching and preaching, flowing in the anointing and following the Spirit of God. We are multifaceted local and corporate vision. We are a dedicated group of people who believe our ministry is positioned as a catalyst for a move of God in our region!


Pastor Gloria operates in a teaching office with a prophetic flow. She releases a NOW WORD and a timely release of the Spirit. She flows both with a pastoral flow as well as a prophetic voice. She brings much healing to heavy hearts and troubled minds. Pastor Gloria appreciates invitations to guest speak. It is an honor to be asked. She also believes strongly in developing ministerial relationships before accepting invitations. Feel free to contact us!

where it started

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Pastor Gloria was born in Pico Rivera, CA. She has always had a sensitive heart to the Spirit of God. She was born-again as a young teenager and immediately called to the ministry. At 18 years old, she began to preach and minister. Throughout the years, she and her family have experienced much heartbreak with the death of two of her siblings. As a result, she faced struggles with depression and thoughts of taking her own life. Being freed herself by the hand of God, she has a special anointing to deal with people who struggle in the area of mind battles and emotional challenges.

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